First Lady Casey DeSantis Launches New Substance Abuse Curriculum

By Leah Leonard, Florida's Voice

January 16, 2022 Updated 10:39 AM ET

January 16, 2022 Updated 10:37 A.M. ET

LARGO (FCV) – Thursday, Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis announced a free substance abuse curriculum for Florida schools. The campaign – “The Facts. Your Future.” – engages students to learn and understand the life-changing effects of drug abuse. 

Despite DeSantis’ current battle with cancer and ongoing treatments, she has been working hard on this curriculum. “Our The Facts. Your Future. initiative is reinventing the way substance abuse prevention is taught in our schools. It’s not ‘Just Say No’ — it’s ‘Just Say No and Here’s Why.’ Together with community partners, schools can use this toolkit to give kids proper context and perspective on the dangers of drug use,” she said. 

Florida schools will be provided resources for students by the ‘School Assemblies Toolkit.’ This free content will be interactive and hands-on. Included in the toolkits are a variety of materials; for example, there will be fact sheets and conversation maps. Florida’s 2.9 million public school students will benefit from these resources and DeSantis’ dedication to the curriculum. 

“First Lady Casey DeSantis has devoted much of her time and effort traveling across the state speaking to parents, students, and survivors to better understand how Florida can help provide their children with opportunities for a better future,” states Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran.

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