FL Bill Aims to Ban Abortion After 15 Weeks

January 20, 2022 Updated 2:09 PM ET

January 20, 2021 Updated 2:05 P.M. ET

TALLAHASSEE (FCV) – Wednesday, House Bill 5 passed a major hurdle by passing out of House subcommittee. The bill would ban abortion after 15 weeks with little to no exceptions.

One of the exceptions included is if any condition is detected that would cause a death upon birth of the baby.

Florida State Representative Erin Grall (R) is the author of the bill.

At his State of the State address, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) called on the legislature to enact legal protections for the unborn:

Tallahassee’s actions are a seeming confirmation of DeSantis’ influence in the legislature and the bill is on track to be voted on by both houses of the Florida Legislature.

Conservatives are praising the bill, pointing out that Florida has been behind other states in enacting strong protections for unborn lives.

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