September 12, 2021

FL Rep. Spencer Roach DEMANDS Superintendent Lift Illegal Mask Mandate, Threatens Termination


By Eric Daugherty

September 12, 2021 Updated 11:51 A.M. ET

FORT MYERS, FL – Friday, Florida State Representative Spencer Roach (R) wrote a letter to Superintendent Kenneth Savage of Lee County demanding he lift the now-illegal mask mandate on schoolchildren that he “unilaterally imposed.”

The mask mandate was made illegal again after Florida’s First District Court of Appeals granted an emergency stay of DeSantis’ executive order protecting parents’ rights in relation to their children’s education. 

Roach proclaimed that if the superintendent does not lift the mask mandate, he will recommend Savage’s immediate termination to DeSantis and Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran.

DeSantis’ office was overwhelmingly confident in their odds of winning in the First District Court of Appeals. To them, this ruling is not a surprise. 

The legal battle is not over, with Charles Gallagher, a lawyer engaged in the lawsuit against DeSantis, saying that the case would be taken to the Florida Supreme Court.

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