FL Representative Ralph Massullo: Pro-DeSantis & Fighting for Florida’s Conservative Agenda

July 9, 2021 Updated 3:53 PM ET


Florida’s Conservative Voice is proud to present the public with much needed insight on the ground soldiers of a modern American conservative agenda in Florida. The series details various strong, active Republican lawmakers in the Florida legislature fighting for the DeSantis and conservative agenda. After all, there are no conservative victories in the Florida government without brave lawmakers like these.

Republican Florida Representative Ralph Massullo Jr. is on the frontlines of the DeSantis agenda in the Florida legislature. In an interview, Massullo gave Florida’s Conservative Voice’s Founder, Brendon Leslie insight into how he and other lawmakers are advancing the agenda.

“We were able to move significant policy [initiatives] including Information Technology Procurement, Cybersecurity, Special Districts Accountability and [Transparency], and Statewide Flooding and Sea Level Rise Resiliency,” Massullo said in noting prime accomplishments of Republicans in the Florida House that coincided with DeSantis’ agenda.

He also cited strengthening riot statutes earlier this year which provide greater self defense flexibility for Floridians regarding property violations.

On Massullo’s favorite bill passed this year, he said, “It had to be our Statewide Flooding and Sea Level Rise Resilience. It is the first time we have made a proactive step in addressing the changing climate and setting up a framework to scientifically and practically address and mitigate the effects of flooding in the various regions of our state.” The bill was a legal action that highlights DeSantis’ and Florida Republicans’ dedication to protecting Florida’s environment, contrary to popular left-wing stereotypes. 

Do you think we have any RINO’s [Republicans in Name Only] in our current state legislature?” Leslie asked. 

Massullo does not believe the legislature has any RINO’s and believes most of the Republicans are “steadfast conservatives” putting Floridians first and supporting DeSantis’ agenda. He does note that “there will always be individuals in any organization whose courage and strength of conviction vary in fervor and the Florida legislature is no exception. We are blessed in that most of the Republican caucus in both the House and Senate and particularly the leadership are steadfast conservatives who put Florida and [its] citizens at the forefront of every bill that is advanced to the Governor’s desk.”

On the topic of what it means to be a real conservative, Massullo graciously defined it as “courageously and sometimes even [aggressively] protecting, preserving and following our constitution that our founders established and [that] many men and women sacrificed their time, treasure, and blood to defend. It means establishing policy within the framework that always protects individual liberty and [constitutional] rights; promotes effective, efficient and limited government; and adroitly analyzes every situation carefully determining through all means available what is true, what is pure and what is beautiful for the betterment of society.” On the other hand, modern American liberals usually view the constitution as a document founded by evil, barbaric men that must be constantly altered or reinterpreted to fit a political agenda.

When asked about his goals for the next legislative session, Massullo outlined several key policy positions he and other Republicans want to focus on such as “education, particularly CTE and early education …. Improve accountability in government to [its] citizens through greater transparency and more efficient processes with less regulations.”

Massullo went on to express support for creating new industries like industrial hemp. He wants to “streamline and improve access to health care through telehealth and less regulations [with regards to] pharmaceutical access,” and supports environmental policy that would improve Florida’s infrastructure and protects its water and natural habitats.

To finish, Leslie asked Massullo what the craziest thing was that the left tried to pass during session.

“Some of [craziest] things proposed on the left were legislation dealing with gun violence through funding special Task Forces that might look at firearms limitations and possible reductions.  There was also a memorial that would preclude Donald Trump from running for political office again which I would consider crazy regardless of how one might view President Trump,” he revealed.

Massullo’s policy explanations highlight the importance of having legislatures like him behind DeSantis’ conservative agenda. Modern conservative leadership has propelled Florida to the top of the country since 2018 and coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Florida’s Conservative Voice thanks Ralph Massullo for generously affording us an interview and is excited to see his conservative efforts continue in the Florida legislature.

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