FL Sees Largest Influx of Residents, CA and NY Lose the Most

December 31, 2021 Updated 4:24 PM ET

December 31, 2021 Updated 4:24 P.M. ET

SUITLAND (FCV) – According to new U.S. Census Bureau data, Florida saw the largest net-migration increase from other states in the country, while California and New York saw the largest decrease.

Florida gained 263,958 people from other states while Texas gained 211,289.

On the other hand, California saw a net out-migration of 429,283 residents while New York saw a 406,257 net out-migration.

In total, New York lost more people than California, losing 365,336 people to California’s 300,387.

The migration to southern states is not a new phenomenon, but since the intense polarization and extremism seen in left-wing states with COVID-19 medical restrictions, the tendency has accelerated.

Other motivating reasons for the large move to Florida are linked to Florida’s successful Republican leadership, with the state boasting no state income tax, low unemployment, and jobs numbers that are continuing to outpace the country.

Florida’s unemployment rested at 4.5% in November, and is expected to continue to decrease. A report from the University of Central Florida found that Florida is set to outpace the national economy in terms of job growth.

In fact, nationally, 1 in 4 jobs created in November came from Florida.

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