Florida Average Gas Price Below $4 For First Time in Nearly 5 Months

August 1, 2022 Updated 8:58 AM ET

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August 1, 2022 Updated 8:57 A.M. ET

FLORIDA (FLV) – On Sunday, the average price for gas in Florida dipped below $4.00 per gallon for the first time in since March 6th.

On Monday, Florida’s average gas price hit $3.91 per gallon with the average a week ago standing at $4.08.

Last week, Florida gas prices dropped an average of 17 cents per gallon last week, creating a seven-week streak of declines.

“After paying almost $5 a gallon just a couple months ago, Florida drivers are likely breathing a sigh of relief when seeing gas prices back below $4 a gallon,” said Mark Jenkins, spokesman, AAA – The Auto Club Group.

“However, it’s too early to tell just how long these sub-$4 gas prices will hang around. Oil and gasoline futures prices made notable gains last week. This could cause falling gas prices to level out or potentially increase, but it’s too early to tell.”

Some Florida counties are still experiencing gas prices above $4.00. For example, Palm Beach, Franklin, Collier and Martin counties have averages above $4.00 while Brevard, Marion, and Lake counties are seeing prices around $3.70.

A year ago, Florida’s average price for gas was $2.97 per gallon.

The average full tank of gas costs about $14 less than it did when gas prices hit their peak in mid-June.

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