Florida Community Liberals Start Pro-Critical Race Theory Petition in Opposition of Concerned Parents

By Eric Daugherty, Florida's Voice

January 7, 2022 Updated 8:26 PM ET


This past week, Florida’s Conservative Voice has published several reports detailing Babcock Ranch’s only school in the area being run by a left-wing principal who publicly expresses support for teaching her views on racism. After the report, she admitted to her views in an email to parents detailed here.

Since the report, members of the left created a petition on change.org in support of critical race theory and Principal Shannon Treece’s statements on race. 

“We are creating this petition to highlight and clarify that not ALL residents of the Babcock Ranch community oppose the teaching of CRT and Principal Treece’s leadership,” it reads.

Parents of children enrolled in the Babcock Ranch Neighborhood School have expressed stronger outrage since FCV’s report. They organized a petition linked here titled “Remove Principal Treece and Critical Race Theory from Babcock Ranch Neighborhood School.”

Members of the community are distraught at the revelation that Principal Treece overtly instituted her personal left-wing political beliefs, chiefly involving race in America, into their children’s education.

FCV’s reports detail Treece’s desire to implement these teachings, saying she is “committed” to it.

The uprising against the Neighborhood School from upset parents emerges as a national firestorm has erupted from conservatives against implementing race-based teaching in schools promoted by Democrats.

At the time of writing, the petition has garnered 236 signatures. It is unclear yet if officials in the community will respond to the wishes of parent who are invested in the Florida neighborhood. 

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