Lee County Tax Dollars Withdrawn from Pro-CRT Organization that Trained Teachers to Not be “Neutral”

May 12, 2022 Updated 9:34 AM ET

Lee County Schools slide show teaching
Lee County Schools slide show teaching "white privilege"

May 12, 2022 Updated 9:34 A.M. ET

FORT MYERS (FLV) – After Florida’s Voice released a report exposing the activist organization Future Makers Coalition for training teachers in Lee County that being “neutral” and “individualistic” is a characteristic of “white privilege,” the Lee County Tax Collector has withdrawn its monetary support.

Lee County Schools slide show teaching “white privilege”

“The Lee County Tax Collector’s Office previously partnered with Future Makers Coalition to work towards solving workforce development issues that have been plaguing our local businesses and economy,” Tax Collector Noelle Branning told Florida’s Voice.

“I was not aware of Future Makers’ position on political ideologies on issues such as critical race theory.  I have always strived to unite our community, not divide it,” they said.

“I cannot condone the promotion of ideologies that aim to divide our community by using race as a wedge. Upon learning of the Future Makers Coalition’s promotion of critical race theory, I am withdrawing all support for this organization.”

The tax collector serves as an agent of the government to collect revenues owed to the county by taxpayers. Their support being withdrawn means less taxpayer dollars will fund the CRT-promoting Future Makers Coalition.

The slide presentation repeated other left-wing doctrine like the notion that “white privilege” is demonstrated by being “individualistic,” “neutral,” “perfection,” “color blind, “contextual,” and “innocent.”

Other slides claimed that “over policing” is evidence of the “structural revolution of racism in the U.S.,” and that the “cycle of racism” involves “structural racism” and “implicit bias.”

A spokesman for the Lee County School District told Brendon Leslie, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of FLV, that the slideshow presentation “was a voluntary event that some non-instructional staff attended.”

Upon being asked why any staff would be taught the contents of the presentation, he said its purpose is “to foster college and career readiness for our students and families.”

Leslie then asked how teaching that white people are systematically racist helps with college and career readiness. The spokesman repeated his initial response that the event was “voluntary.”

However, that runs contrary to a source within the Lee County School District, who told FLV that faculty were never told it was voluntary.

“They slyly try to change terminology so they don’t get in trouble,” they said.

Also contrary to the Lee County spokesman, the source said that instructional staff – teachers – were there.

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