Florida Leaders Respond to Biden Plan Canceling Student Loan Debt

August 25, 2022 Updated 4:13 PM ET


FLORIDA (FLV) – Florida Democrats and Republicans are divided on President Joe Biden’s plan to cancel some student loan debt.

Biden announced that the Department of Education will provide up to $10,000 in debt cancellation to non-Pell Grant recipients. It will provide up to $20,000 in debt cancellation to Pell Grant recipients with loans held by the Department of Education.

Borrowers are eligible for this relief if their individual income is less than $125,000.

The pause on federal student loan repayment will also be extended one “final time” through December 31, 2022.

Republicans have denounced the plan for the cost and called it unfair to those who have already paid off their student debt.

“Democrats’ canceling student loans isn’t a ‘relief’ for Americans. It’s an added burden that will only further increase inflation,” Senator Rick Scott said.

Other Republicans said Americans without degrees should not be on the hook for those who have student loans.

“This places the burden on the American taxpayers to pay back loans for schools they didn’t attend and educational choices they didn’t make. It’s ludicrous,” U.S. Rep. Kat Cammack said.

“A plumber in Youngstown, OH without a degree contributes more to society than a Gender Studies major in Portland. A veteran in Estero, FL, without a degree, contributes more to society than a Women’s Studies professor in Chicago,” U.S. Rep. Byron Donalds said on Twitter.

“Yet, people without degrees are paying for those with degrees.”

U.S. Rep. and Democrat candidate for governor in Florida, Charlie Crist, praised the plan.

“Easing burden on Floridians crushed by student debt so they can focus on their careers, families, and futures!” Crist said.

“This is the financial relief our neighbors need at this moment,” said Democrat U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor.

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