Florida leads the way with Conservative law making

January 7, 2022 Updated 8:36 PM ET

john snyder

Florida just came off an aggressive and effective legislation session. Governor Ron DeSantis laid out a bold agenda. He along with his Republican controlled legislature are being proactive against the radical left takeover rather than reactive. Something the GOP isn’t known for.

State Representative, John Snyder, is a former Marine and business owner. He represents the 82nd District and spoke exclusively with UnBossed Reporting about the recent success.

Brendon: What are some of the strongest America First bills passed this year?

Representative Snyder:

  1. HB 1 – The anti-rioting bill was a major priority this year and makes it clear that Florida is not going to tolerate the anarchy, rioting, and looting we have seen elsewhere in the Country. The right to protest is fundamental to our republic but when mobs turn to violence and aggravated behavior towards law enforcement, there will be enhanced penalties.
  2. HB 7 – COVID Liability Protection – small businesses are the back bone of our economy so the last thing they need to worry about is excessive litigation. Florida has lead the Nation in re-opening early and effectively and this protection lets our business community know we have their back.
  3. HB 7041 – Election Reform – The public must have confidence in our election process.
  4. Senate Bill 7072 – Social Media Censorship – After repeated failures at the federal level to reign in big tech, Florida is once again leading the Nation by sending a loud message to Silicon Valley that they are not the absolute arbiters of truth. Standards and definitions on censoring, shadow banning, or deplatforming a user must be clearly communicated and consistently applied. A persons political viewpoint should have no bearing on their place on the world wide web.

Brendon: What was the legislature’s motivation to get so much done?

Representative Snyder: Term limits have a great way of motivating people to take action. One of the problems in Congress is that people get comfortable and then complacent. In the Marine Corps, we were frequently reminded that “complacency kills” and politics is no different.

Brendon: How does this shape the future of Florida?

Representative Snyder: I often worry that people fleeing poorly ran, liberal lead states, they might bring their voting habits with them. It is critical that Florida paint such a clear contrast and keep showing how much better conservative principles work. The proof is in the pudding so we have to keep leading by example.

Brendon: Why is it so important we go on the offense against the radical left?

Representative Snyder: The Left is not only trying to rewrite our history, they are trying to rethread the fabric of our society.  We are trying to set the course to make sure that Florida remains the gold standard in the nation on where to live, raise a family, open a business, educate our children, worship freely and pursue the American Dream.

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