Florida Man Banned From Flying United Airlines for Wearing Thong as a Mask

December 17, 2021 Updated 3:51 PM ET


December 17, 2021 Updated 3:21 P.M. ET

CAPE CORAL (FCV) – Wednesday, a Cape Coral, Florida man was kicked off a United Airlines flight for wearing a woman’s thong as a facial covering to comply with a mask mandate.

Adam Jenne said that he is making a point about the silliness of mandating people to wear facial coverings on airplanes.

He has been wearing women’s underwear to protest masks since last summer.

In the video, Jenne enters his seat with women’s underwear fully covering his nose and mouth. A flight attendant quickly speaks with him and he is directed to exit the airplane.

Multiple passengers left the airplane in protest to support the man. Several were shocked that Jenne was kicked off, given the covering was over his nose and mouth.

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