Florida Politics Owner Peter Schorsch Likes Tweet Calling Trump Supporters “Soulless Degenerate”

January 19, 2022 Updated 9:56 AM ET


January 19, 2021 Updated 9:54 A.M. ET

SAINT PETERSBURG (FCV) – Florida Politics owner Peter Schorsch, touted as the owner of an ‘objective’ and ‘non-biased’ media outlet, recently liked a vulgar Tweet about President Donald Trump (R) and his supporters.

“F*** Donald Trump but most of all fuck every soulless degenerate who supports this monster,” the tweet reads.

FCV verified on Twitter’s “liked” page under Schorsch’s profile that he did like the tweet.

Florida Politics is touted as an objective, minimally-biased media outlet, but Schorsch’s actions online point to a clear left-wing slant implicit in his political opinions.

Brendon Leslie, Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Florida’s Voice, says that examples like Schorsch are part of why he founded FCV: Schorsch seems to believe that around half of his potential reader-base in Florida, who are Trump supporters, are “soulless degenerate[s].”

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Florida’s Voice is a patriotic news network that you can trust to deliver the truth with no hidden agenda. Founder and Editor in Chief Brendon Leslie left his job in mainstream news to practice journalism as it should be, unbiased and unbossed.

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