Florida Principal Says Race “Does Come Up” in Teachings

January 7, 2022 Updated 8:27 PM ET


Monday, Florida’s Conservative Voice reported that Babcock Ranch, a small modern community in rural Charlotte County, Florida, is inserting a left-wing political agenda and principles of critical race theory in their instruction.

Principal Shannon Treece of the Babcock Ranch Community School did not respond to FCV’s request for comment, nor did any faculty.

FCV has now obtained a letter Principal Treece sent to parents since the article had been published. In the email, she responds to reports of her left-leaning political bias in the classroom.

“In short, Babcock Neighborhood School does NOT teach Critical Race Theory. But we do approach the important topics of bullying, biases,” Treece begins. 

She goes on to say that “not surprisingly, race does come up in the conversation.” 

To parents, this is an official confirmation of FCV’s report and an admission that racial discussions arise outside of the official curriculum regulated by Florida. The state has banned the teaching of critical race theory.

In FCV’s report, a plethora of social media posts are revealed showing Treece’s comments align with modern American leftism, including on the issues of race. She proceeded to exclaim that she is “100% committed” to implementing her beliefs about racism at school.

The principal’s email cites the official curriculum for the next school year, which she argues does not explicitly use the terminology “critical race theory” nor does it teach academic readings from it.

However, Treece publicly stated her efforts to direct teachers to participate in verbal discussions with students about current events and race in American history.

Treece’s response is an apparent dodge to FCV’s report which did not claim Babcock Ranch’s official curriculum contains literary references to critical race theory. Rather, evidence of political bias of the principal and faculty were presented.

After FCV’s report released, Principal Treece deleted her Twitter account.

Parents who are invested in the community are still concerned at the school’s competency and political bias in the classroom.

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