Florida Realtors Endorse Ashley Moody for Attorney General

July 6, 2022 Updated 10:23 AM ET


July 6, 2022 Updated 10:15 A.M. ET

TAMPA (FLV) – Wednesday, Florida Realtors® PAC endorsed Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody as she seeks re-election. 

“Attorney General Ashley Moody has been a significant force for good in our state and her actions have been essential in making Florida one of the fastest growing states in the nation,” said Danny Nix, Chair of the Florida Realtors® PAC Trustees. 

“She understands that a safe, law-abiding state will have the greatest success in achieving prosperity and growth, which is exactly what Florida is experiencing right now.”

Attorney General Moody serves as the Chair of Florida’s Statewide Council on Human Trafficking. Moody has led efforts against the unlawful federal vaccine mandates. The Attorney General has also taken a stand against the Biden Administration’s border policies. 

AG Moody Suing Biden Over Mass Influx of Illegal Immigrants, Rescinding Title 42

“Realizing the American dream of home-ownership is a goal that many Floridians work toward, including those relocating to the Sunshine State in order to raise a family and earn a living,” said Attorney General Moody.

“As Florida’s Attorney General, I look forward to working with the Florida Realtors® to ensure our state is a welcoming, prosperous, and safe haven for all residents.”

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