Florida Sets Record High Gas Prices at $4.64, Approaching $5/gal

June 1, 2022 Updated 2:01 PM ET


June 1, 2022 Updated 2:01 P.M. ET

FLORIDA (FLV) – In another blow to drivers, the highest recorded average price for gas in Florida reached another high.

Florida’s record high for average gas prices jumped to $4.64 Wednesday from $4.57 the day prior according to AAA. The national average for gas is not any better with prices leaping to $4.67.

The average price for gas in Florida is up 46 cents compared to one month ago. AAA expects demand for domestic gas to climb as drivers fuel up for a summer travel season.

“But 67% of drivers recently surveyed told us they would change their driving habits if gas hit $4.50 a gallon. That number rises to 75% at $5 a gallon. If pump prices keep rising, will people alter their summer travel plans? That remains to be seen,” AAA spokesperson Andrew Gross said. 

In May, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the largest tax relief package in Florida’s history, which includes a cut on the gas tax. 

A Florida gas tax holiday goes into effect on October 1st, reducing the tax by $0.25 per gallon.

Last month, DeSantis criticized President Joe Biden for claiming high gas prices are an “incredible transition” so the country will be less dependent on fossil fuels.

“Fact of the matter is, this is really punishing a lot of people at the pump. It’s very difficult to afford. What are you going to do just not go to work all of a sudden? I mean, people are basically stuck with having to pay these prices,” DeSantis said.

AAA reports crude oil has moved above $115 a barrel due to fears of further global supply constraints caused by a European Union ban on Russian oil exports.

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