Florida Singer Hadas Levy Makes Top 10 in National Anthem Contest, Winner Sings Live at Boca Bowl

September 1, 2022 Updated 10:42 AM ET

Singer Hadas Levy.
Singer Hadas Levy.

NAPLES (FLV) – Florida-based conservative singer and performer Hadas Levy celebrated she made the top 10 in the Boca Raton Bowl national anthem competition. The winner of the vote for the top national anthem performer will get to perform live on ESPN at the Dec. collegiate football bowl.

“I Have The most exciting news!!! I just made the top ten in the National Anthem competition and the public gets to vote for the top 5!!!!” Levy announced on Facebook. “The National Anthem is my absolute favorite song in the world and I’m so excited!!! Please click the link and scroll all the way to the bottom to vote for me!”

See Levy’s featured performance here.

The top 10 performers of the anthem include Team Definition, Hadas Levy, Brittany Muirhead, Florenza Campos, Jenna DelGardo, Alisha Harvey, Emily Shecter, Deborah Joy Schneider, Jillian Flaherty, and Rylee Siegel.

Levy frequently performs the Star-Spangled Banner and other music at Florida’s Voice talk shows and events, including the Patriot Talk Show.

The Boca Bowl will take place on Dec. 20, kicking off at 7:30 P.M. EST.

Vote for the finalists here.

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