Florida’s Top 5 Fake News Reporters for the Week of 1/30-2/6

By Eric Daugherty, Florida's Voice

February 7, 2022 Updated 5:05 PM ET

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Florida’s Conservative Voice Presents Florida’s Top 5 Fake News Reporters of the Week: Every week, FCV will rank the worst reporters covering Florida politics. Our team, and readers, have noticed a stark uptick of fake news “journalists” that are consistently lying or misleading the public on Florida affairs in politics, ranging from Governor Ron DeSantis to COVID-19. In an effort to promote more journalistic integrity, these individuals will be cited for their attempts to mislead the public.

February 7, 2021 Updated 9:09 A.M. ET

5. Fabiola Santiago (Miami Herald)

Fabiola is a regular on our list.

In an opinion piece titled, “Gov. DeSantis is no victim. His rhetoric enables hateful acts like Nazi rally,” Santiago claims that (tiny) Nazi demonstrations in Florida are partly due to “the governor’s constant hammering rhetoric against minority groups” that “gives evil people permission to showcase their hate.”

Santiago also blasted DeSantis Press Secretary Christina Pushaw for questioning whether the demonstrators were actually Nazis, or whether they were part of a “stunt” like the Lincoln Project-organized ‘white nationalist’ rally to smear Glenn Youngkin in Virginia. In reality, this is a perfectly logical question, given it happened only a couple months ago.

She fails to realize that DeSantis actually signed an anti-Semitism bill in 2019, which Nikki Fried was seen clapping for. Clearly, DeSantis espouses the opposite of “hateful rhetoric.”

Common theme in this week’s list: lies about DeSantis.

4. Thomas Kennedy (Occupy Democrats)

Occupy Democrats? We know where this is going.

“‘REPREHENSIBLE’: Ron DeSantis fails to clearly condemn Nazi rallies in Florida,” Kennedy’s article was titled.

“These acts of hate drew quick condemnation from elected officials and community advocates across the state, but it was quickly noted that Governor Ron DeSantis had not weighed in on these brazen displays of intolerance and antisemitism.”

The article, published on February 1, conveniently ‘forgot’ to mention the fact that DeSantis called these Nazi demonstrators “jacka**es” on January 31:

Calling Nazis “jacka**es” is a pretty clear condemnation.

3. A.G. Gancarski (Florida Politics)

‘Objective Florida news outlet’ Florida Politics published a clear anti-DeSantis story trying to convince readers that DeSantis is deflecting away from the Nazi protest.

Gancarski spent the first few paragraphs of the article simply quoting DeSantis and Pushaw in regards to the Nazi protest. Then, he decided to interject opinion into a news piece:

“The remarks Wednesday continue a recent trend of deflective attacks of Democratic critics, who wondered why the Governor was silent in the immediate wake of a neo-Nazi demonstration in Orange County.”

Silent? We link, again, to DeSantis calling Nazis “jacka**es:”

Why can’t these authors report facts?

2. Jeffrey Schweers (Tallahassee Democrat)

The fake story of the week was from Schweers, titled, “Background check: UCLA supervisor wouldn’t recommend Joseph Ladapo for Florida Surgeon General job.” On the surface, to readers, it seemed as though this is a ‘smoking gun’ that Ladapo is not qualified to be Surgeon General, feeding into left-wing narratives.

However, later that day, with some surface level questioning, FCV obtained a letter of Ladapo’s UCLA supervisor explicitly recommending Ladapo for a job as a professor at the University of Florida; she had glowing praises for him:

“Dr. Ladapo joined the division in 2016 as an Associate Professor-in-Residence and has been one of our most productive faculty with continuous federal research funding from several grants and a large number of impactful peer reviewed research publications since his appointment,” the letter read.

It seemed that after DeSantis, a Republican, appointed a Ladapo, the supervisor changed tune.

Why did the Tallahassee Democrat and Schweers not get this letter? Why did their ‘background check’ omit the relevant words of Ladapo’s supervisor?

1. Peter Schorsch (Florida Politics)

Schorsch, a long-time fan of Democrats and conman of Florida readers, convincing people his reporting is ‘objective,’ took to Twitter to block FCV Founder and Editor-In-Chief Brendon Leslie after Leslie told Schorsch to correct the narrative on the Tallahassee Democrat story reporting Joseph Ladapo was not recommended by his supervisor:

Peter clearly does not like being exposed for bad reporting. He never corrected the record to his followers on the story, which was reported by our top fake news reporter for the week.

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