Fox4 Pulls Fake News Stunt by Interviewing Disgraced Activist

March 19, 2021 Updated 5:21 PM ET

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John G. Heim of the South Florida Clean Water Movement is a name that’ll forever go down in Fort Myers Beach infamy.

Back in my days working for mainstream media, I exposed Heim for his supposed scam tactics. He collected $11,000 in donations, pretending to be a clean water activist, and then many alleged he spent it on drugs.

I did numerous reports on it, gave him countless opportunities to prove his innocence. He never did. Check out this report I did for WINK News on him.

Like many “activists” – Heim uses our water quality issues as political tools to raise money. He’s the reason I hold all of these big groups accountable. Clearly, the guy is hiding something.

He’s been irrelevant for a couple years now. People stop donating to him. He became a distant memory. Well, now he’s desperately seeking attention and the fake news media gave it to him.

Fox4 propped Heim up as an “activist” and gave him credibility with their report debating Legacy Island in Fort Myers. A future island destination located on the Caloosahatchee River. Heim used his interview to say the project is going to be a failure and overhyped the water issues.

What’s worse? Neither the reporter nor any of their producers realized who they’re giving the microphone to.

Fake News isn’t just being bias. Fake News is also not doing your homework. How can Fox4 say they’re “in your corner” and not realize they’re interviewing someone who allegedly scammed hundreds, if not thousands of their viewers?

Terrible, terrible, absolutely terrible reporting. They should be ashamed of themselves really.

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