Fried: Cruise Ships Should “Look at Leaving” FL if DeSantis Maintains Vaccine Passport Policy

January 7, 2022 Updated 8:33 PM ET


Nikki Fried, Florida’s Agricultural Commissioner and Democratic
gubernatorial candidate challenging Republican Ron DeSantis, advocated for
cruise liners operating in Florida to “look at leaving” because of DeSantis’s
vaccine passport policy.

Fried made the comments on Joy Reid’s “The ReidOut” on MSNBC.
Companies like Disney and Carnival operate in Florida and are responsible for
many tourists and revenue. Leaving the state would likely harm Florida’s
tourist economy.

The comments came amidst a growing policy divide between Democrats and
Republicans regarding requiring proof of vaccines.

States like New York, lead by Democrat Andrew Cuomo, have instituted
COVID vaccine passport programs. On the other hand, states like Florida,
lead by Republicans, have banned the use of vaccine passports.

Critics of the vaccine passport programs argue in favor of medical privacy and
personal risk assessment.

It is unclear why cruise lines would leave Florida due to DeSantis’s policy.
Orlando theme parks, like Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld, have lifted
mask requirements for vaccinated patrons indoors and are not requiring proof
of vaccination.

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