Google Suspends Florida’s Largest Young Republican Club’s Workspace Days Before Primary Election

August 23, 2022 Updated 11:38 AM ET


TAMPA (FLV) – The Tampa Bay Young Republicans club president said Google suspended their workspace without reason six days prior to the Florida primary election.

The president of the club, Brittany Jean, said the club never received a notice about any policy or guideline violations. Jean said she has had “countless” conversations with Google.

“Google has still not stated why our account was suspended,” Jean said. “We have tried for multiple days to have the workspace reinstated as it is our main form of communication with our members.”

The Tampa Bay Young Republicans are the largest Young Republican club in the state of Florida with more than 450 active members. In 2020, the club won the award for best Young Republican club in the nation. 

“The suspension was made after we sent out the results of our straw poll to be used as a voting guide in the primary election,” Jean said. “We strongly feel this is an example of big tech interfering in the election process.”

The organization uses email as their primary method of communications with their members. Email accounts are used to contact local and state officials as well as vendors.

“While not being able to access our email is a setback, we will not let it deter us from that goal,” Jean said.

Also in Florida, conservative congressional candidate Drew Montez Clark said his Twitter was permanently suspended Monday. Montez Clark said he never received any warnings from Twitter and does not know why the account was suspended.

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