GOP Calls Out Annette Taddeo for Saying Biden is ‘Absolutely’ a Unifier: ‘Why Doesn’t Taddeo Want to Campaign With Him?’

By Lydia Nusbaum, Florida's Voice

September 13, 2022 Updated 12:31 PM ET

annette taddeo

MIAMI (FLV) – The Democrat candidate for Congressional District 27, Annette Taddeo, was asked if she believed President Joe Biden has been a unifier in an interview with NBC 6.

“Absolutely,” Taddeo responded. “And I will tell you, not just a unifier but actually somebody who has told the truth. It’s okay to tell the truth about the fact that there are an extreme part of the MAGA Republicans who are trying to get rid of our democracy.”

In response, the Florida GOP questioned why Taddeo, who sang the president’s praises, would not want to campaign with Biden.

“The question must be asked: If Joe Biden is such a unifying, honest guy, then why doesn’t Taddeo want to campaign with him?” the Florida GOP said in an email.

RNC Spokeswoman Julia Friedland posted a video of Taddeo being asked what she would say to President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris if they wanted to campaign for her.

“Frankly, I think, I don’t know the answer,” Taddeo said. “I think it would be great if we could have Barack Obama and some of the other folks that I think would be really popular in our community and I hope that they are able to come and able to help us out.”

Taddeo also did not answer when CNN interviewer asked if she would like to campaign with Biden as the president’s approval rating hovers below 40%.

“Look, I know that I have my own campaign to win and we will get lots of help from lots of people but at the end of the day I know that the way we win this race is by us actually telling my story,” Taddeo said.

Florida’s Voice reached out to Annette Taddeo’s campaign on Twitter and through email for a comment and has not received a response. This report will be updated if Taddeo responds.

The GOP also disapproved of Taddeo’s portrayal of Biden as “somebody who has told the truth.”

“Joe Biden is a chronic liar,” the GOP’s email said. The group listed off a variety of topics they said president has lied about it.

In July of 2021, Biden said the administration does not view the price increases as a sign of persistent inflation. A year later, inflation hit a record 9.1% in June as prices continued to skyrocket.

They also highlighted when then-President-elect Biden said in December of 2020 he would not mandate vaccines. The president reversed course and ordered federal employees, health care workers, and large employers abide by vaccine mandates.

“Annette Taddeo will say anything to keep her mindless job hunt alive,” Friedland said.

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