Governor Ron DeSantis on Texas-Mexico Border and Immigration Crisis

January 7, 2022 Updated 8:19 PM ET

This past weekend, Governor Ron DeSantis visited the Texas-Mexico border and got some insight on the rising immigration crisis. Desantis tweeted Monday on his concerns with the Biden administration and its immigration policy. 

Reading, “…if allowed to continue by Biden, this mass migration will be a major strain on our social services, education, medical system, and taxpayers.”  

Gov. DeSantis has stated that if the Biden Administration reinstates “Trump-era” policies, the border crisis will turn around quickly.  

Just last month, Governor DeSantis sent 50 Floridian law enforcement officers to assist in the rising demands for border control. Alongside the tweet, DeSantis included a 90 second video of him voicing concerns on what was reported back to him from the officials at the border. 

DeSantis wrote, “…roughly 70% of illegal border crossers said that Florida was their ultimate desired destination.” In June, the U.S saw a 5% increase in the number of immigrants trying to migrate to the country.  

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