Governor Ron DeSantis Shows Up the Biden Administration with Vaccine Distribution

March 25, 2021 Updated 9:26 AM ET

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Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis is once again proving he’s a much better leader than President Joe Biden.

While the President set a modest goal of making all adults eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine by May 1st. The Governor one upped him and will make it available for everyone 18 and over on Monday, April 5th. Watch his statement below:

Biden doesn’t get enough flak for his failed Covid response. He’s done nothing to improve the momentum the Trump administration gave them. May 1st was an extremely weak deadline to have all adults eligible. It was never about supply, we have more than enough shots, it’s about executing. Something Biden isn’t too good at.

DeSantis ran the most successful Covid response in the country. For the most part, despite the 3 week shut down last Spring, he’s lead with conservative/libertarian values. Letting the individuals decide what is best for them and not forcing our economy into a recession.

Florida has one of the lowest unemployment rates across the nation and continue to be bottom tier in all major covid statistics per capita.

On top of all that, more than three million seniors have received the shot, some of the highest numbers in the nation.

Despite everything, the media continues to crucify him. They’re scared because he’s a successful Republican. That doesn’t fit their narrative.

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