Hope Florida Dollars Given to Five Organizations in Northwest Florida for Families in Need

By Lydia Nusbaum, Florida's Voice

July 21, 2022 Updated 4:24 PM ET

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July 21, 2022 Updated 4:24 P.M. ET

FREEPORT (FLV) – First Lady Casey DeSantis announced that five northwest Florida organizations received $5,000 from the Hope Florida Fund to help families in need Thursday.

The state created the Hope Florida Fund for the private sector to donate directly to groups helping families in need.

“A lot of these private sector, good folks that I meet around the state, want to donate resources to these great organizations on the ground who are a lot of time mom and pop organizations who don’t have the bandwidth or time to go out and fundraise,” DeSantis said.

Florida’s initiative, “Hope Florida,” connects families and single parents with a care navigator to connect them with organizations through the care portal. As of June, the program had helped more than 30,000 Floridians to help them become economically self-sufficient.

Westonwood Ranch helps mentor kids and teach them valuable job related skills. C.A.L.M Organization (crisis aid for littles and moms) offers transitional housing and life skills to train mothers and their children in crisis situations. Emerald Coast Exceptional Families helps connect and support special needs families and enhance their lives through events and education.

The NextStep at Endeavor Academy supports the development and operations of an autism transition, employment and residential program. Hiland Park Baptist Church helps bring food to kids over the weekend and provide shoes for kids.

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