“I would be hospitalized or dead,” DeSantis-Opened Regeneron COVID Treatment Saves Dying Patients

January 7, 2022 Updated 8:10 PM ET

August 23, 2021 Updated 8:13 A.M. ET

FORT MYERS, FL – At one of Florida’s Regeneron COVID-19 treatment plants, which were authorized to begin operation by Governor Ron DeSantis (R), an image of a severely ill patient lying on the ground has gone viral.

Regeneron is the treatment that President Donald Trump (R) received when he was diagnosed with COVID-19 last year.

The woman seen in the image uploaded a Facebook post detailing her experience, saying that she “would be hospitalized or dead if I didn’t get that [Regeneron treatment] yesterday. Thank you again.”

DeSantis approved the Regeneron treatment sites to be deployed across the state. The treatment is given to Floridians free of a direct charge.

Regeneron has been found to be very effective in scientific studies in treating COVID-19.

Hitpieces have emerged from DeSantis critics who claim that his promotion of Regeneron is due to one of his top donors having invested in the company. The investment firm in question is Citadel and has millions of dollars invested in many facets of the corporate world. 

There is no evidence DeSantis is touting the treatment for monetary gain. The treatment is being promoted by the Florida Government because of its strong performance in clinical trials.

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