Kat Cammack Wins Landslide Primary Election

August 24, 2022 Updated 12:42 PM ET

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FLORIDA (FLV) – Current U.S. Rep. Kat Cammack beat her Republican primary opponent, Justin Waters, by a landslide in the race for Florida’s 3rd Congressional District Tuesday night.

“A big win tonight for Team Kat! I’m honored to be the Republican nominee for Florida’s Third Congressional District as we march toward November 8!” Cammack said. “Together, we’re going to take our country back and put America First with a Republican House majority this fall!”

Unofficial election results show Cammack received about 85% of the vote with Waters receiving 15%. After the loss, Waters admitted he knew it would be a tough election.

“Thank you to everyone who voted for me! We knew it would be a tough election, but we are proud of our campaign,” Waters said. “We appreciate every person we met on the campaign trail.”

Cammack was first elected to Congress in 2020 and is the youngest Republican woman to serve in the 117th Congress. Cammack graduated from the Naval War College and served as the former deputy chief of staff for the district.

She grew up on a cattle ranch and prides herself on understanding small businesses, regulations, and labor challenges. Some of the caucuses Cammack participates in includes Campus Free Speech, Congressional Women’s Caucus, Pro-Life Caucus, and the Second Amendment Caucus.

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