Kevin Hayslett ‘Trump Republican’ Has Anti-Trump Facebook Posts, ‘Amnesty Anna’ Account Spreads False Tweets

By Eric Daugherty, Florida's Voice

August 5, 2022 Updated 4:38 PM ET

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August 5, 2022 Updated 4:36 P.M. ET

CLEARWATER (FLV) – Florida’s Voice obtained a screenshot of old Facebook posts from FL-13 candidate Kevin Hayslett, Republican, depicting a negative view on Former President Donald Trump despite naming himself a “Trump Republican.”

One post from Hayslett on Oct. 17, 2016, reads, “The ‘press’ has done its job on uncovering most of Trump’s faults I’m sure there are more coming. However, in an election clearly about the lesser of two evils we have not been as exposed by the mainstream media to HRC’s shortcomings.”

“Pick your poison,” he said of Trump and Hillary Clinton.

On July 28, 2016, one post reads, “Elizabeth Warren was right.”

It is unclear what specific comment from Warren – a Democrat – Hayslett referred to. Three days before the post, a CNN article detailed Warren’s comments at the Democratic convention on Trump. Warren said Trump kept his fortune by “cheating people” and “skipping out on debts” and that he “cares only for himself.”

On Sep. 27, 2016, another post depicts a political cartoon with then-presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on the presidential debate stage with a viewer – seemingly Uncle Sam – crying in frustration.

Hayslett’s campaign did not respond to Florida’s Voice’s request for comment on the posts.

The campaign runs a website titled which presents cropped clips depicting Luna expressing her former support for Barack Obama or elements of his immigration policy at the time.

Original videos including full context are not sourced. One clip from BlazeTV is four seconds long, and another is seven seconds.

A Twitter account named @amnesty_anna is circulating doctored screenshots of Luna’s Twitter page, with one reading, “I’m pro-DACA, pro-amnesty, and will always support Obama.” The account joined in July, 2022.

Another Tweet depicts Luna as saying, “I always agreed with President Obama’s immigration policies.”

Source: Anna Paulina Luna for Congress

Hayslett’s campaign put up signs describing him as a “Trump Republican,” to which Trump-endorsed Anna Paulina Luna FL-13 candidate said he is trying to “trick” voters into thinking he was endorsed by the former president.

A political ad also showed Hayslett on an ad with President Trump giving a thumbs up next to Hayslett’s name:

“If someone is willing to lie about being endorsed by the president in order to try to get elected imagine what else they’ll lie about,” Luna said. “Trump chose not to endorse Kevin for a reason. Voters should ask Kevin why.”

Luna posted a video of Kimberly Guifoyle saying Luna is the “only MAGA candidate” in this race. 

“Florida get out there and vote for Trump endorsed Congressional candidate Anna Paulina Luna. A great friend, a great, woman, a true patriot and the only MAGA candidate in the race,” Kimberly Guifoyle said.

Florida’s 13th Congressional District includes much of Pinellas County, including Seminole, Clearwater, and Palm Harbor. The primary takes place on Aug. 23.

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