Lake County Sheriff Reiterates Support for ‘Conservative’ State House Candidate Taylor Yarkosky After Negative Campaign: ‘Please Pay Them No Mind’

By Lydia Nusbaum, Florida's Voice

August 23, 2022 Updated 8:30 AM ET

sheriff grinnell

CLERMONT (FLV) – Lake County Sheriff Peyton Grinnell reiterated his support for Taylor Yarkosky in the race for State House District 32 after a negative campaign.

“Taylor Yarkosky has been viciously attacked in this race for State Representative because he is a strong conservative leader who is speaking his mind and denouncing the woke corporations and liberal special interests who want to infect our communities and brainwash our children with their radical ideas,” Sheriff Grinnell said in a statement.

Grinnell called Yarkosky a “man of strong character” who has “never feared confronting his youthful mistakes head-on.” There are reportedly negative attack mailers against Yarkosky highlighting arrests in 2004 and 2005 for driving under the influence and a Barack Obama campaign donation.

“Please pay them no mind,” Grinnell said about the negative campaign.

“Taylor would tell you that his mistakes are what forged him into the honorable man of integrity he is today. As Sheriff of Lake County, I endorse Taylor Yarkosky wholeheartedly because I know his heart and know that he is the strong conservative leader we need in Tallahassee to stand up for our interests.”

Yarkosky said he regretted the choices he made driving under the influence and expressed thankfulness to God making him the sober man he is today. The Obama donation was related to a startup business.

“In my early 30s, I worked hard and hustled to build a company. Obama came to Orlando for a fundraiser hosted by some guys helping our business at the time. They asked me to attend the event and write a check to help them ‘bundle money.’ Was it a mistake? Sure it was,” Yarkosky reportedly wrote.

“But I wasn’t thinking about that then. I was thinking about building my company and networking. We contributed to that event but never voted for or agreed with Obama.”

Lake County’s sheriff reiterated the Police Benevolent Association’s endorsement of Yarkosky.

“Taylor Yarkosky will never back down to the special interests and radicals that want to do us harm, and he will stand firm alongside Governor DeSantis to defend our values and protect our people,” Grinnell said.

“Stand with us and vote for Taylor Yarkosky. He will defend our rights and support a law and order agenda to keep our communities safe!”

Former FL House Speaker and Senate President Endorse Taylor Yarkosky for District 32

Former Florida House Speaker Steve Crisafulli and former Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos also endorsed Taylor Yarkosky.

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