Laurel Lee Wins 15th Congressional District Election

November 8, 2022 Updated 9:38 PM ET

Laurel Lee (
Laurel Lee (

TAMPA (FLV) – Republican Laurel Lee, former Secretary of State under Gov. Ron DeSantis, is projected to defeat Democrat Alan Cohn in the race to represent Florida’s 15th congressional district in the U.S. Congress.

Lee won the primary in August after facing off in a crowded debate in July, moderated by DeSantis and Mark Levin. The new district encompasses Northeast Hillsborough County along with parts of Pasco and Polk Counties.

Laurel Lee resigned from her position as Secretary of State under DeSantis to run for Congress. Lee has served as a Circuit Court Judge and a federal prosecutor for the United States Attorney’s Office.

Some of Lee’s prime campaign issues include fighting to cut spending and taxes, ensuring law enforcement are fully funded, and protecting the 2nd Amendment.

Lee points to President Joe Biden’s administration as the prime blame for record inflation and “skyrocketing gas prices.” She said she supports reviving the Keystone Pipeline.

The Republican was the sole candidate at the primary debates in July to disagree that “non-military personnel” should be provided to support Ukraine.

She was endorsed by Attorney General Ashley Moody, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, the Tampa Police Benevolent Association, and more.

Alan Cohn is an award-winning investigative journalist.

During the campaign, he focused on supporting Roe v. Wade, slamming “extremist Florida Republicans” on passing abortion bans, said he supports lowering taxes and the cost of prescription drugs, increasing education spending, and “address this issue of inflation.”

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