Lee Co School Board Candidate Denise Nystrom Says DeSantis ‘Misinformed’ on Candidate Endorsements

July 15, 2022 Updated 3:50 PM ET

Denise Nystrom for Lee County School Board-District 6 (Facebook).
Denise Nystrom for Lee County School Board-District 6 (Facebook).

July 15, 2022 Updated 3:49 P.M. ET

LEE COUNTY (FLV) – Lee County School Board candidate Denise Nystrom claimed Gov. Ron DeSantis was “misinformed” after he endorsed Sam Fisher instead of Christy DeVigili for Lee County School Board in District 1. 

“We have gotten some news from Governor DeSantis’ office today with regard to endorsements and are not happy to say that he has endorsed Sam Fisher instead of Christy DeVigili,” Nystrom said on Facebook. 

Governor DeSantis announced Thursday that he endorsed 16 pro-parent, pro-student Florida local school board candidates, including Sam Fisher. 

“These candidates will ensure our students succeed, protect parental rights in education, and combat the woke agenda from infiltrating public schools at the local school board level,” DeSantis said. “I am pleased to endorse these additional pro-parent candidates for their school board races across the state of Florida.”

Governor DeSantis said Friday at a Moms for Liberty conference that he endorsed candidates who are “walking the walk” and will listen to parents.

Sam Fisher who is a small business owner, attorney and father of three children in Lee County said he was honored and “blown away” to have been endorsed by Governor DeSantis.

“I’m excited to be endorsed by America’s governor. I mean, that’s amazing,” Fisher said. “I’m glad that he believes in the campaign and the message and what we’re trying to get out there.”

Fisher said his top priorities include empowering parents, making sure teachers are supported, and focusing on teaching students fundamentals.

“As a parent myself, it’s one of the reasons I ran,” Fisher said. “I didn’t feel like I was being listened to.”

Nystrom criticized the governor in her Facebook post saying “Obviously, our esteemed Governor has been misinformed about the qualifications of all of the school board candidates that are running.”

Nystrom said DeVigili has spent “endless hours” at school board meetings, over 110 meetings, and attends the union meetings through zoom.

Florida’s Voice reached out to DeVigili and Nystrom for a comment. DeVigili said she had no comment.

When asked about Nystrom’s comments, Sam Fisher said he is staying focused on his race and campaign.

“I’ve been been involved in my community for many years. It’s not just the governor that’s supporting me,” Fisher said. “I have everyone from local city council members, the mayor in Cape Coral from state reps such as Mike Giallombardo, Spencer Roach.”

“I’m about spreading my message and doing the best and working hard for my kids and everyone else’s kids in Lee County,” Fisher said.

Governor DeSantis has been laser focused on Florida’s public schools. His endorsed candidates have pledged to run on the “DeSantis Education Agenda: Putting Students First, Protecting Parents’ Rights” blueprint. It is a statewide blueprint school board members and candidates can use to advance the governor’s agenda priorities at the local school board level.  

“I fully support his agenda,” Fisher said. “I think we’re very lucky to have him as a governor in this state.”

“It’s crucial we have strong candidates who are committed to advancing our pro-parent, student-first agenda in Florida,” DeSantis said. 

The governor had previously endorsed 10 candidates for local school board races in June. 

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