Lee County School Board Members Responds to Displayed LGBTQ Poster, the Rest Remain Silent

April 12, 2022 Updated 5:55 PM ET


April 12, 2022 Updated 5:55 P.M. ET

FORT MYERS (FCV) – Lee County School Board Member Melisa Giovannelli responded to FCV’s request for comment on a display of a LGBTQ-promoting poster which teaches about sexual orientation.

The poster also explained that students may use the restroom that coincides with their gender identity, meaning that biological males could use the girls’ restroom.

“I hope you reconsider your stance on remaining silent,” FCV Founder and Editor-In-Chief Brendon Leslie said in an email chain to all of the Lee County board members.

Soon after, Giovannelli, known for being more friendly to parents’ wishes for their children, said that she immediately spoke with the Lee County Superintendent and that the poster “was removed yesterday [Monday] afternoon.”

“I am told this was a new principal and she did not know. I don’t think this is a good excuse,” she went on.

Giovannelli said that the same poster was spotted late last year despite it being banned.

“Please know I found the poster at another school at the beginning of the school year, and that was in August several months after they were to be removed. So I must say I am not surprised. Principals are not held accountable, as this is the responsibility of the Superintendent.”

“Please know we are in transition of interim superintendent and to a new one that will be sworn in on May 16th. Hopefully, the new Superintendent will hold principals accountable, but more importantly hopefully the Board will hold the new Superintendent accountable. There is always a first time for everything.”

A Facebook post showed a student standing in front of an information board with the LGBTQ-promoting poster on the far right. Brendon Leslie exposed the poster last year and pushed, successfully, for the poster to be banned by the School Board.

Board Member Debbie Jordan also responded to the promotion of the poster.

“Dr. Savage will assign this matter to the most appropriate member of his staff. I have also copied my fellow Board Members on this reply so that they are aware of this matter,” she said.

After FCV’s initial report, Gateway Elementary School removed the Facebook image from their post.

Leslie ridiculed the School Board on Tuesday for their lack of initial response, saying that “It’s absolutely ridiculous that we need to beg all of you for a response on this very serious matter.”

“How do you expect your constituents to react to this complete LACK in leadership?” he continued.

The Lee County School Board selected Christopher Bernier as the next superintendent. He was approved for a 2.5 year contract beginning on May 16, 2022, next month. His salary will be $255,000 and will receive a $20,000 moving allowance. He is moving from Clark County, Las Vegas.

The next Lee County School Board meeting will be held today, Tuesday, April 12, at 6:00 P.M. EST.

Watch Leslie’s original report on the LGBTQ poster:

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