Lee County Schools Cut Ties with Alfie Oakes, Now Face Shortages

January 7, 2022 Updated 7:51 PM ET

December 2, 2021 Updated 10:06 A.M. ET

FORT MYERS (FCV) – Beginning January 1st, Lee County Schools will be serving kids peanut butter and jelly sandwiches from the Uncrustables brand.

Parents received the email detailing the menu changes.

The District warned in August that the supply chain issues plaguing the world in response to COVID-19 lockdown policies could cause menu changes.

Last July, Lee County Schools “severed ties” with Oakes Farms in response to Alfie Oakes’ anti-Black Lives Matter rioting comments.

FCV reached out to Alfie Oakes, owner of Oakes Farms and Seed to Table, regarding the county’s shortages.

Lee County now gets their food from U.S. Foods. “We wouldn’t be shorting them anything,” Oakes remarked with certainty.

He emphasized that Oakes Farms and Seed to Table are seeing no goods shortages now and did not throughout the pandemic.

Oakes noted the irony in Lee County cutting ties with him due to anti-Black Lives Matter Comments while U.S. Foods has been paying out large sums in legal settlements for racial and gender discrimination claims.

Oakes Farms has had no legal issues with racial discrimination.

There is an ongoing lawsuit between Oakes and the Lee County School District.

FCV reached out to the Lee County School District for comment. They declined to give a formal response due to pending litigation between Oakes and the county.

The county said that students will always have hot and cold lunch options for students.

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