Lee County Schools Likely to Approve Radical Transgender Code of Conduct

January 7, 2022 Updated 8:32 PM ET

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In April, a new poster from the Lee County School Board stating that students are allowed to use any bathroom which matches their “gender identity” faced stark opposition among parents, teachers, and students.

Effectively, a biological male, or boy, who stated that he identifies as a girl, or biological female, would be permitted to utilize the girl’s restroom. 

Additionally, a boy who identifies as a girl would be allowed to participate in girls’ sports, despite the biological reality.

Although the poster that received strong pushback was eliminated, actions like this would still be permitted under the new Student Code of Conduct that will likely be approved Tuesday by the Board. 

The new Code of Conduct seemingly runs contrary to a new Florida law signed by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, which bars biological males from competing against biological females in sports designated for women.

The school system has said they will first offer private restrooms to transgender students who do not identify with their biological sex. If the student insists on using public restrooms, they will be permitted to use the bathroom that matches their “gender identity,” under the new Code of Conduct.

Lee County Residents, especially those with children in the school system, are strongly urged to attend the board meeting and voice their concerns tomorrow, June 8th, at 6:00PM. 

The meeting will take place at 2855 Colonial Blvd., Fort Myers, FL, 33966.

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