Liberal Journalist Dismisses DeSantis’ Response To State Tragedy, Gets Clobbered

June 25, 2021 Updated 8:55 PM ET


By: Tyler Shaw

Aaron Rupar, “journalist” over at Vox, tweeted misinformation yesterday, dismissing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ response to yesterday’s tragedy of a partially collapsed condominium complex in Miami Dade county.

The governor joined Fox News, America’s largest news network, to update the nation on the latest details of the tragedy after he had spent the entire day in Miami Dade working with first responders, consoling the families of victims, mobilizing state agencies, activating the state emergency response team, and declaring a state of emergency in response to the tragedy.

Thousands came to the Governor’s defense on Twitter, including Matt Walsh, a member of the Daily Wire and host of the Matt Walsh Show. Matt sarcastly responded to Aaron’s Tweet saying, “Wow this is really a scandal. I’ve never heard of a governor speaking to the media about a disaster in his state. Truly unprecedented. DeSantis must resign.”

With Governor DeSantis’ rising popularity among republicans, independents, and even moderate democrats, the governor is quickly becoming public enemy number one for far-left partisan hacks like Aaron Rupar.

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