Liberal Reporters are Rewarded Fancy Jobs by Liberal Investor

March 8, 2021 Updated 5:43 PM ET

The trend continues, “news reporters” are spinning liberal bias at the USA Today Network for major investor, hedge fund billionaire, Paul Tudor Jones. Then those same reporters are getting cushy jobs with liberal, environmental groups, also funded by Jones, after years of pushing his narratives in the media.

A couple weeks back we reported how Chad Gilis of the News-Press was hired by Sanibel Captiva Conservation, an organization which is funded by Jones’ own environmental group, the Everglades Foundation.

Now, reporter Gil Smart of the TCPalm, is taking a job with another Foundation funded group, Friends of the Everglades 

This is the same people that hosted a fundraiser in Southwest Florida back in 2019 and gave an award to Jacyln Lopez, a woman who led 266 lawsuits against the Trump administration. She’s quoted saying he’s a threat to democracy. 

TCPalm, with Gil Smart leading the charge, is by far the loudest supporters of Jones and all his liberal environmental groups. Back in 2018, he wrote this infamous article defending the billionaire from the me-too movement, telling readers to not worry about Jones’ actions in defending sexual predator Harvey Weinstein.

And it doesn’t end here. There are several examples of liberal reporters getting their back scratched by Jones.

In 2019, Eve Samples left her job from the USA Today Network to become the executive director of Friends of the Everglades.

In 2018, Paul Owens of the Orlando Sentinel, was hired by 1000 Friends of Florida, another group taking Jones’ money.

And let’s not forget, as I previously reported, Jones’ contributions to the Biden campaign, landed the Everglades Foundation’s former chief operating officer, Shannon Estenoz, to an influential leadership role with the Department of Interior.

If this isn’t a pattern, I don’t know what is. Undoubtedly, Paul Tudor Jones’ investments are paying off in promoting his liberal environment agenda.

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