Liberals are Harassing our Reporter Over Free Speech

By Karoline Tyrrell, Florida's Voice

January 7, 2022 Updated 8:41 PM ET


Here is a recap of the Left’s attempt to cancel me these past two weeks since writing my first article.

First, it got retweeted by a lot of people all over Twitter. Hate was received, praise was appreciated. That’s Twitter for you!

Second, a fellow student legislator a Florida Gulf Coast University linked my article in the official Student Government chat! The situation then continued on to receive comments and backlash by the an entire “party” that was going up to election the following week.

Third, this party, full of fellow senators and friends, put up a statement about the article saying that my article espouses “bigotry and hate speech that invalidates and disregards our students’ voices.” The Student Government Senate President, who drafted this statement, also made the remark on the party’s platform that they will be “swift in encouraging University leadership to fully investigate these comments and pursue any possible disciplinary action.”

This statement was taken down one hour after its posting. The President of this party did not approve of the negative light it put on her party, and I do not blame her!

Fourth, I went to our weekly Senate meeting where I was screamed at by a transgender person, over zoom, saying I am just a “racist privileged little white girl whose voice is being heard right now.” Talk about racist.

Well, my voice actually is being suppressed constantly by statements, creative Twitter comments, and people hiding behind screens to deliver their uneducated comments. Again, these people know nothing about the author and they do not know how much others are trying to suppress the conservative voice as a whole.

The question needs to be asked—have any of you even read my article to its full extent? If so, do you know the what the term “racism” actually is? Racism is a serious and grave matter that has been lightened all too much through the over usage of the word. The term is often used to shut conservatives up, and it is a shame because racism is not a matter to be taken lightly.

This same Senate meeting was the “Represent Your Community Day” where each senator was invited to stand up and talk about the constituents they feel they represent on campus. I told Senate that I am proud to represent our population of conservative-minded students who seek and welcome rational discussion. The room was a bit shocked as the looks, specifically from Senate leadership, were glaring and unnecessarily partisan.

Fifth, an email was received about a confirmation from the Coordinator at CREW Trust, a non-profit that always welcomes volunteers to help them. The confirmation was for the cancellation of a service event that my club, focused on community service, had planned with CREW Trust. Julie Motkowicz went on to say, “we aim to promote diversity and inclusion amongst all people and expect the same level of integrity from our partners,” as she then continued on to exclude my group after preaching inclusivity. “Karoline – your recent article regarding your experiences in student government does not uphold these values and instead provokes divisiveness. Therefore, let this be your notice of cancellation for the service event on 3/13.”

The following day this issue was covered by The National Pulse. CREW tried to suppress the backlash on Facebook and Twitter by deleting comments regarding the issue on their more recent posts. A few days after the issue, my club Event Coordinator received a call from Julie Motkowicz saying they had a change of heart and we could volunteer with them whenever we would like.            

It has been an eventful two or so weeks and it is expected to be even more eventful in the coming weeks. If you are a conservative, it is time to speak up for your beliefs. We are generally reserved people who speak when they need to; however, I have personally received a wake up call to start speaking up for my beliefs. I would encourage and implore you all to do the same.

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