Local FL Affiliate Spreads AP Fake News About Trucker Convoy

By Eric Daugherty, Florida's Voice

February 19, 2022 Updated 2:48 PM ET

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February 19, 2021 Updated 2:44 P.M. ET

FORT MYERS (FCV) – WINK News of Fort Myers, Florida, republished an Associated Press hit piece targeting Republicans and conservatives for supporting the Canadian trucker convoy protesting vaccine and COVID health mandates.

“In GOP embrace of truckers, some see racist double standard,” the article reads, trying to compare what happened during the summer of 2020 with Black Lives Matter rioting with the peaceful trucker convoy.

“But only months before the insurrection, Trump, Cruz and other conservatives excoriated protests against police brutality and racial injustice that were largely peaceful, with some instances of looting and unrest,” it claims.

In reality, January 6 entailed mostly peaceful demonstrators with very isolated instances of illegality, while the riots from left-wing Black Lives Matter resulted in at least 25 deaths and around $1 billion in damages.

The trucker convoy is organized and carried out by peaceful demonstrators fighting against tyrannical health mandates without violence. Several instigators earlier on during the protest were seen being excluded and told to leave by truckers.

Additionally, many of the rioters during 2020 were white, with the aggressors of the Kyle Rittenhouse self defense trial being white men. Conservatives point out that the difference has nothing to do with race.

WINK News is being criticized by locals for blindly parroting fake news reported by the Associated Press, rather than doing their own research and reporting on the topic.

The trucker convoy is being targeted by the Canadian government and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, with the organizer of the event being arrested and individuals involved in funding the protest being de-banked. This did not happen with Black Lives Matter organizers and protest funding.

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