Lt. Gov. Nunez to Jill Biden: ‘I Consider Myself to be as American as Apple Pie’

By Eric Daugherty, Florida's Voice

July 14, 2022 Updated 9:56 AM ET


July 14, 2022 Updated 9:56 A.M. ET

TALLAHASSEE (FLV) – Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nuñez slammed U.S. First Lady Jill Biden on Newsmax Wednesday for her comparison of Hispanics to “breakfast tacos.”

“Hispanics are unique… they’re unique in that they love God, they love this country, and they love freedom,” she said.

“And while Jill Biden may want to compare us to breakfast tacos, I consider myself as American as apple pie.”

Nuñez criticized the Bidens for trying to “pander” to Hispanics: “It’s evident, as you mentioned, in his abysmal poll rating with Hispanics, with the fact that they don’t have an economy that works for Hispanics across this country …”

Hispanics across this country are fleeing the Democrat Party. We’re going to see not only a red wave – this November – it’s going to be a tsunami.

Marco Rubio Makes Profile Picture a Taco After Jill Biden’s ‘Breakfast Tacos’ Comments on Hispanics

Biden made the comments regarding Hispanics during a speech in San Antonio, Texas, saying that the Hispanic community is “as unique as the breakfast tacos here in San Antonio.”

The chairman of the Florida Republican National Hispanic Assembly said U.S. First Lady Jill Biden’s comment comparing Hispanics to breakfast tacos is “racist.”

“She should issue the Hispanic American community a public apology. Because she literally stereotyped a whole group of people,” Chairman Santiago Avila said.

“Maybe she didn’t see it that way, but it was a pretty racist comment,” Avila said. “There’s so much more about Hispanics in Texas than just tacos. The logic on why she would say I just baffles me.”

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio changed his profile picture to a taco after the comments. Rubio is a Cuban American originally from Miami, Florida.

“#NewProfilePic,” the senator Tweeted late Monday.

Biden drew criticism from the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

“NAHJ encourages @FLOTUS & her communications team to take time to better understand the complexities of our people & communities,” they said.

Jill Biden Spokesperson Michael LaRosa tweeted an apology Tuesday. 

“The First Lady apologizes that her words conveyed anything but pure admiration and love for the Latino community,” the tweet read.

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