Marco Rubio on January 6th Hearings: ‘Most Americans Aren’t Going to Watch this Garbage’

June 9, 2022 Updated 6:36 PM ET

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio
U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio

June 9, 2022 Updated 6:36 P.M. ET

WASHINGTON (FLV) – U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, R-Florida, called the congressional hearings investigating January 6th a “circus” and not a “fact-finding mission.”

The House committee investigating the January 6th riot will hold its first public hearing Thursday. The hearings will be televised in the evening. 

Rubio spoke on the Hannity show. Sean Hannity brought up former President Donald Trump’s offer for the National Guard to assist days leading up to the U.S. Capitol riot. 

“If this was a real congressional hearing and not a kangaroo court and not a circus and not a tv production and an infomercial for political purposes, those are the questions that we would be asking,” Rubio said. “It would be a review of why didn’t Capitol Police, why didn’t the Sergeant at Arms take advantage of these resources that were available.” 

Rubio said Democrats are hypocritical for holding a committee for the Capitol riot but not holding hearings to review the riots that took place in the summer of 2020. Hundreds of businesses were destroyed and police officers were attacked.

“If people committed crimes on that day they should be prosecuted and convicted by a jury and that’s what’s happening,” Rubio said. “This is a Hollywood paid political advertisement. They hired a producer to put this thing on.”

“Here’s what it says about it. It says that if you’re a member of congress and something terrible happens here on the Capitol grounds like what happened on that day, they’re going to put a fence up, they won’t do that for our country but they’ll but a fence up…But if you’re among the hundreds of small businesses that got burned to the ground, the people that were killed, the people that were harassed, the people that suffered, well then we don’t care about that. That we’re going to condone. That we’re going to excuse.” 

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