Mark Levin Calls Anthony Sabatini a ‘Clown’ Candidate, Endorses Cory Mills

August 4, 2022 Updated 9:59 AM ET

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August 4, 2022 Updated 9:56 A.M. ET

TAMPA (FLV) – Mark Levin, who moderated the Republican primary debate for Congressional District 7 in Florida, called candidate Anthony Sabatini a “clown” candidate and endorsed Cory Mills in an August 1st podcast.

On the podcast, Levin talked about the military being “hollowed out” due to vaccine mandates, woke ideology, and lack of funding. Levin was discussing the federal government’s job to protect the United States from foreign threats when he brought up Sabatini.

“One of these clown candidates, like I said, was running for the Republican nomination… in Congress seven in Florida. He’s one of these Rand Paul wannabes. A knockoff,” Levin said.

“And when I was done questioning him, he sounded like an idiot. So you know what his response is a day later? That I’m a super neocon. Well he’s a super con. His name is Sabatini.”

Several minutes later on the podcast, Levin endorsed Cory Mills.

“There’s a fellow running in the congressional 7th. His name is Cory Mills,” Levin said. “Very very impressive.”

“I’m going to, without his knowledge, endorse him in the Republican primary in Florida. I had a close-up view. I didn’t know any of these candidates. I was absolutely, totally uninformed about them as individuals. But it’s clear to me now that conservatives need to coalesce around one candidate in that race. And he clearly is solid as a rock. Solid as a rock and also a combat veteran.”

Cory Mills and Anthony Sabatini Face Off in GOP Primary Debate: ‘Any of You Would be Excellent’

Mark Levin moderated the debate for Florida’s 7th Congressional District at the Republican Party of Florida Sunshine Summit July 23rd.

Seven candidates, including Anthony Sabatini and Cory Mills, were present.

One of the lengthier back and forth conversations occurred between Levin and Sabatini when the candidates were asked under which conditions they would get involved with other countries. 

“We need pragmatic decision makers to judge when we should get involved in foreign affairs,” Sabatini said. 

Sabatini said that he would not want direct military or economic involvement in Ukraine. Sabatini believes the U.S. should not get involved unless there is a NATO agreement. 

“Your philosophy, when do we defend or not?” Levin asked. 

“If there is no direct affect on America citizens significant American interest, we don’t need to get involved,” Sabatini responded. 

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