Masculine Men are Crucial to the Strength of Western Civilization

By Brendon Leslie, Florida's Voice

January 7, 2022 Updated 8:27 PM ET


Boys will be boys. There is nothing wrong with this statement.

Since the explosion of the culture war in the mid-to-late 2010s, America and other western countries have seen the greatest assault on masculinity seen in the modern world. By extension, humankind is becoming witness to the destruction of western civilization as we know it.

Being masculine should not be a controversial thing to aspire to. A prime aspect of masculinity is charismatic leadership. Strong men do not cower or kneel to others; they are also not needlessly violent and emotional. They are calculated, intelligent, and patient. 

This is what civilization generally desires among its leaders. Emotionality leads to rashness. Rashness leads to poor decision-making. Poor decision-making from a world leader, especially from a country like the United States, unleashes harsh consequences on tens of millions of people if continued.

The prosperity the West enjoys today came as a direct result of masculine men: America’s founding fathers. Patience, rationality, and a strong moral backing led to the development and prolonging of the greatest country to ever be seen. Equality and freedom for Americans is the result.

Everyone today is bearing the fruits of masculine men in action: innovation, revolutionary thought, and calculated decision-making. 

An important aspect of masculinity is femininity; they compliment each other. This is where the idea of a family arises. To raise a strong masculine man, the mother and father must properly complement each other in the raising of the boy.

Ideally, the father teaches brute strength, discipline, and toughness. The mother instills aspects she better excels at like empathy, thoughtfulness, and compassion. The result is a strong masculine man who combines the two: a sharp-witted, strong, but caring individual. This is what makes a real man.

Men in the West are not producing as many children as they should be. The birth rates across the West are declining at a worrying rate. New population is not coming from Western countries with Western values. It is important for the survival of the West to be self-sufficient – producing masculine men, and feminine women to complement them, both properly raised with Western, American values.

The modern world has seen an attack on men from an uncanny angle: that working out leads to toxic male behavior and should be stopped immediately.

This proclamation has come from those who proclaim they represent the “party of science,” although it is unclear which statement has more legitimacy.

Strength of a man comes in two main forms: intellectual and physical. Both are equally as important. They build off and complement each other.

To be physically strong in modern society, men need to understand how to do so: devising a consistent resistance training plan and an accompanying diet higher in protein. Achieving a strong physical stature is not easy for most, but it accomplishes little if not accompanied by the intellectual component. 

The masculine man trains his brain just as much, or more, as his muscles.

The net result of everything discussed is the “ideal western man:” strong in all facets with a proper foundation rooted in western principles. These are the kind of men that the average person should want as their leader, their boss, or their husband. 

On the world stage, the “perfect” American president would meet these qualifications, or at least be close. 

The Western leaders are not like this anymore. Canada’s Justin Trudeau’s top priority is looking pretty and acting weak. Most of Western Europe is focused on environmentalism and diversity. America’s new priority is diversity and inclusivity in the military, rather than projecting strength and recruiting strong, cut-throat, intelligent men.

Our enemies like China and Russia are training ruthless warriors and executing masterful foreign policy to depict America and the West as the weak countries they are becoming.

To save the country and civilization as we know it, men need to focus on being strong, intelligent, and healthy. 

If you are a man who is striving to be healthy, strong, and have a family: do not be ashamed. You are fighting the good fight and are on the right side of history.

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