Media Attacks Governor Ron DeSantis with Lies… Again

By Brendon Leslie, Florida's Voice

March 8, 2021 Updated 2:14 PM ET

WINK News in Fort Myers, Florida, is doing their best job of showing their true colors. Here is one of their latest headlines:

“Florida’s anti-protest bill” – I don’t know how this fake news ever saw the light of day. This is just a flat out lie.

Read the bill for yourself. No where in the text says this will limit anyone’s ability to protest… peacefully.

What they’re actually proposing are anti-rioting measures. Regardless, if you’re right or left, if you riot, you’ll face harsh penalties.

Why would anyone be against this?

The media has spent much of the past year defending and romanticizing riots. Calling the destruction of cities “mostly peaceful” encounters. Who remembers this blunder by CNN in Kenosha, Wisconsin?

If you’re wondering why our country is so divided, look no further than the media. They’re openly pushing liberal bias, then lie to you by saying their objective.

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