Media Falsely Claims Melania Trump FL Fundraiser Violates the Law

February 18, 2022 Updated 2:22 PM ET

February 18th, 2021 Updated 2:11 P.M. ET

NAPLES (FCV) – On April 9, former First Lady of the United States Melania Trump is joining a fundraising event with charity platform Access Vast. Tulips & Topiaries will feature Trump as the special guest in Naples.

“We are thrilled to welcome Mrs. Melania Trump as our special guest at this event, which will benefit Fostering the Future, a Be Best initiative.  Fostering the Future will grant computer science scholarships to those aging out of the foster care system, thus giving foster children the ability to reach their full potential,” the event description reads.

Trump is using her “Be Best” platform to introduce a new initiative she calls “Fostering the Future,” which would dedicate funding to foster children by granting computer science scholarships.

Left-wing media jumped to ‘investigate’ the Trumps’ post-Presidency activities as soon as Donald Trump left office. The New York Times penned a now viral article titled “Selling Trump: A Profitable Post-Presidency Like No Other” that paints the Naples fundraiser as a money funneling scheme for Trump.

“There was no indication of how much of the proceeds Mrs. Trump herself intended to pocket. Florida requires any organization that raises charitable contributions in the state to register. No charity with the name ‘Fostering the Future’ or ‘Be Best’ is registered in Florida,” it reads.

According to the Times, they asked a Florida official if her initiative names were registered 501(c)(3) organizations. This is a legal requirement for charities to raise money in Florida.

Of course, they are not registered, but the event organizers and Trump never claimed this was the ‘charity’ the money was going to. In fact, the money is going to the Bradley Impact Fund, a “donor-advised fund” which is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.

“Everything has been done lawfully, & all documents are in the worlds. Read with caution-typical corrupt media,” Trump said on Twitter.

According to Trump, the Bradley Impact Fund will “select charities that support foster children.”

“The Bradley Impact Fund will disburse funds raised through the efforts of Fostering the Future to the respective beneficiaries,” she said in a statement.

“With the assistance of various agencies and individuals in the foster care community, we are currently identifying foster children from across our Nation interested in receiving scholarships. These individuals will have the ability to take advantage of the opportunity to learn computer sciences this year.”

The former First Lady began her “Be Best” initiative on May 7, 2018, at a speech in the White House Rose Garden. President Trump then signed a proclamation which declared May 7 “Be Best” Day. Its goal is to address major issues facing America’s children like online safety and opioid abuse.

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