Media Uses Sexual Harassment Claims to Deflect from Nursing Home Scandal

January 7, 2022 Updated 8:40 PM ET


The Luv Guv, Mr. Emmy award winning, nice guy, Covid-19 conqueror, Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo is in a world of trouble. The guy has three former employees alleging he’s a creep. Unwanted touching, kisses, hugs etc. No doubt, these victims deserve justice and Cuomo should lose his job if these stories are true.

But, there’s a more troubling issue the nation lost sight of thanks to the media.

The Nursing Home Scandal.

Let’s recap. Last March, Cuomo signed an executive order sending thousands of Covid positive patients back into nursing homes. Something King Cuomo denies.

For months, the media touted Cuomo as the “gold standard” in handling Covid, despite the highest death and case rate in the nation. Day after day, he got positive headlines for his “calming” press conferences. In return the media used that as a way to attack former President Trump for not having the same demeanor.

Next was a multimillion dollar book deal, then an emmy.

Fox and Friends’ senior meteorologist, Janice Dean, was screaming from the rooftops as early as April of 2020. She told the world, something isn’t right. Both of her in laws died of Covid-19 in long term care facilities.

Dean was shunned. Constantly berated on social media, “stick to weather”.

The media ignored her and thousands of other families who lost someone.

Fast forward to today and it turns out Dean’s concerns have a lot of credibility behind them. Reports say nearly 15,000 seniors are dead thanks to Cuomo’s executive order. A recent investigation done by the Attorney General’s Office says deaths in these facilities were severely under reported.

NY Post published a damning story with one of his aides saying Cuomo purposely hid this information to prevent the Feds from building a case against him.

Now an impeachment petition is gaining steam with more than 50,000 signatures. You can sign it by clicking here.

Still, the media ignores this story today and focuses on the sexual harassment allegations. They’re using this as a deflector. They knew there was something there with the nursing homes, but chose to ignore it because it didn’t help their agenda at the time- take down Donald Trump by any means necessary.

The media was backed into a corner, they had to cover the scandal, even though it proved they were wrong from the start. Coincidentally their saving grace came in at the perfect time. Three women with extremely credible allegations.

CBS, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, the NY Times and the Washington Post collectively breathed a HUGE sigh of relief.

You’ll notice they’re going wall to wall with this coverage, even CNN’s anchor and the Governor’s brother, Chris Cuomo, acknowledged it.

Now why on Earth would the media be covering sexual harassment allegations against a prominent Democrat when they have a history of ignoring those sort of cases?

Tara Reade, Joe Biden, anyone? No?

Oh that’s right, we only hear about this stuff when it’s against Republicans. Even when there is zero credibility to the claims. Supreme Court Justice Brett Cavanaugh can tell you all about that.

So, what’s different with this current situation? It’s the media’s way of covering up the biggest, most blatant mess up by them in recent memory.

It’s their hope you’re too stupid to remember that Cuomo could potentially be an accessory to the deaths of thousands. They hope you forget. If you forget, the noise dies down. If the noise stops, so does the investigation and Cuomo walks.

If Cuomo walks, the media gets away, yet again, with failing the American people.

As a man, I see how actions and words of my gender can negatively impact women. Even when there’s no intent behind them. But, keep things in perspective, these allegations are not going to put him behind bars. You know what could? An actual trial into the nursing home scandal.

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