Memorial Day Tribute: Honoring America’s Fallen Heroes

By Brendon Leslie, Florida's Voice

May 31, 2021 Updated 5:09 PM ET


by: Tyler Shaw

Today is a day when we honor and memorialize the many great Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms we enjoy as Americans. On May 28th 2021, the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, Vice President Kamala Harris tweeted out “Enjoy the long weekend”. The tweet led to major outrage from the American people, many of whom have lost loved ones who fought and died in the service of our great nation. The lack of acknowledgement and sensitivity shown on behalf of the Vice President should only serve as a reminder to us all. This being a reminder as to what and who we are memorializing each year on the last Monday in May.

Originally known as Decoration Day in remembrance of those who lost their lives fighting in the Civil War, Memorial Day was renamed and made a national holiday after World War I. The day was rededicated to pay tribute to the fallen Americans fighting in the line of duty.

Sadly, over time, the meaning and solemnity of this day has been forgotten or overlooked by some Americans, even our Vice President. The one day each year that was dedicated for honoring our fallen heroes seems to have become a day dedicated to sleeping in, attending social events, and vacations. On this day, many Americans across the nation visit the gravesites of their loved ones who made the ultimate sacrifice. It’s so important for us to remember those who gave their lives to allow Americans to enjoy the privilege of life and freedom in the best country in the world.

At 3:00pm, Americans across our great nation had the opportunity to join together in a moment of silence, honoring our fallen heroes. Many people express their appreciation and honor for these heroes in their own ways. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appropriately suggested the following earlier today, “This Memorial Day, I ask all Floridians to pause at 3:00 p.m. for a moment of silence to honor our fallen heroes.”

Let us remember that this long weekend is more than a long weekend. As proud Americans, let’s make sure to take time to honor our fallen heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. 

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