Miami-Dade County Reports Omicron Prevalence to the Press, but Not to FL Department of Health

December 21, 2021 Updated 10:03 AM ET

December 21, 2021 Updated 9:10 A.M. ET

MIAMI (FCV) – Monday, the Miami Herald reached out to the Florida Department of Health for comment on the Herald’s findings regarding the prevalence of the COVID-19 Omicron variant in Miami-Dade County.

Weesam Khoury, Director of Communications for the Florida Department of Health, declined to comment on the findings, saying that Miami-Dade did not report the data to the Department.

“It is unfortunate that the county has decided it is more important to share these data with the press rather than coordinating with the Florida Department of Health or Center for Disease Control and Prevention,” she remarked.

“The Department expects to see a rise of the omicron variant in Florida,” she noted, in light of countries and states also seeing spikes regardless of vaccination percentages and lockdown policies.

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