Miami Herald Falsely Claims DeSantis Raised Money On “Fake News Site” Babylon Bee

April 11, 2022 Updated 8:29 AM ET


April 11, 2022 Updated 8:28 A.M. ET

MIAMI (FCV) – The Miami Herald, commonly known as being a left-leaning news publication, published an article claiming that Governor Ron DeSantis’ political campaign raised money on a “fake news” website, despite his calling out of fake news.

“DeSantis calls out fake news, but his campaign used ‘fake news’ site to raise cash,” reporter Ben Wieder’s article is headlined.

“In messages to supporters, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis isn’t shy about labeling “fake news media” the enemy. But when it comes to raising money for his reelection bid, the Republican governor’s campaign and an associated political committee have sought help from a satire website with the tagline “Fake news you can trust.”

As Weider notes, the website is satirical and is branded as such, with its goal to publish content that makes fun of various political leaders and cultural issues.

One satirical headline reads, “In Historic Moment, Senate Confirms First-Ever Non-Biologist To Supreme Court,” referring to Kentanji Brown Jackson saying she is not a “biologist” when asked about the definition of the word ‘woman.’

Another reads, “Cracker Jack Changes Name To Less Offensive Caucasian Jack.”

The Herald received backlash from conservatives, with Tim Yong saying that “The Miami Herald is a bunch of lies and propaganda presented as news. There’s a difference.”

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