Miami Herald Publishes Fake News that Conference “Canceled” DeSantis Speech he Was Never Giving

March 25, 2022 Updated 9:19 AM ET

DeSantis Mary

March 25th, 2022 Updated 8:53 A.M. ET

TALLAHASSEE (FCV) – The Miami Herald’s Mary Ellen Klas published a story claiming that an “Investment conference in Miami cancels DeSantis’ speech over ‘anti-immigrant’ views.”

The catch? Governor Ron DeSantis was never scheduled for, nor was his office ever in touch with the organizers of, the conference.

In response to Klas’ tweeting of the story, DeSantis Press Secretary Christina Pushaw said, “False. Not only did Governor DeSantis NEVER agree to speak at the EB-5 conference, but also, the office of @GovRonDeSantis has *never been in touch* with the organizers of this conference.”

“How could they ‘cancel’ a speech that was never scheduled? Do better.”

The conference in question is composed of “immigration attorneys and wealth management companies who work with international investors and real estate developers.”

The EB5 investors are the organizers. In an email, “prominent Miami immigration lawyer” Ira Kurzban reportedly said to organizers that he was “seriously considering” their invitation, but decided against attending because of his opposition to DeSantis’ so-called “virulent anti-immigrant conduct.”

At the time of reporting, the Herald’s headline still reads that a conference “cancels” DeSantis’ speech, and characterizes his stance on immigration as “anti-immigrant.”

EB5 emailed an apology to DeSantis’ campaign, saying that DeSantis “was never confirmed to participate, nor was he uninvited.”

“We made a staff error and are regretful. It’s unfortunately that our event was used by media for political gain,” they said after the Herald’s misreporting was called out.

Email from EB5 to Ron DeSantis’ campaign

Currently, there has been no public correction, retraction, or apology from Klas or the Miami Herald.

Pushaw told FCV that on immigration, DeSantis is for “law and order, opposes all illegal immigration and is doing everything in his power to protect Floridians from the Biden border crisis.”

Governor DeSantis absolutely supports legal immigrants and naturalized US citizens, including millions of Floridians from different backgrounds who help make our state great,” she went on.

“It is offensive for the media to falsely claim that there is no difference between legal and illegal immigration. Floridians can see right through these lies – and we will not let false narratives divide us.”

Pushaw touched on Cuban refugees settling in Florida, saying that “Legal immigrants include refugees from Cuba and other countries that legitimately have refugee status. People fleeing war and persecution. That is a totally different situation from illegal migration driven by economic incentives.”

In the Herald’s article, Kurzban’s opinions on DeSantis’ so-called “anti-immigrant” policies are based on things like DeSantis’ support to deport illegal immigrants caught at the border, sending Florida National Guard to defend America’s border in Texas, supporting legislation to block the transport of undocumented immigrants in the state (smuggling), and to intercept “undocumented persons” who are released into Florida.

All of Kurzban’s examples involved illegal immigrants, not legal ones – a common narrative pushed by media outlets and left-wing figures.

He also referred to the popular Governor as an “outlier politician.”

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