Moody Announces Conviction of Man that Scammed Floridian Homeowners with Pool Contracting Scheme

June 29, 2022 Updated 2:09 PM ET

A.G. Ashley Moody with Florida Cabinet, July 8, 2019 (@ashleymoodyfl, Instagram)
A.G. Ashley Moody with Florida Cabinet, July 8, 2019 (@ashleymoodyfl, Instagram)

June 29, 2022 Updated 2:08 P.M. ET

TALLAHASSEE (FLV) – Attorney General Ashley Moody Wednesday announced a Florida man was convicted on multiple felony charges for operating a multimillion-dollar pool contracting scheme. 

Brian Washburn, the owner of Amore’ Pools Inc., defrauded Florida homeowners out of nearly $3 million. He often left dangerous debris piles and gaping holes in victims’ backyards instead of performing the promised work. 

“More than 150 Floridians made huge upfront payments to have pools built on their properties,” Moody said. “The defendant took their money but failed to do the work—often leaving victims with large holes in their backyards. 

“Law enforcement uncovered this multimillion-dollar scheme, and now my Office of Statewide Prosecution has secured multiple felony convictions related to this massive fraud.”

Washburn encouraged homeowners in Brevard, Indian River, Martin, Okeechobee, Palm Beach and St. Lucie counties to sign contracts with promises of low prices and quick, professional work. 

The homeowners put down “hefty” deposits and large front-end payments. Once Washburn received the deposit, the company sometimes abandoned the projects before work began. 

The company left the majority of the pool projects uncompleted which resulted in expensive property damage for homeowners. Washburn used a third-party check cashing store to convert the deposits into cash in an attempt to cover up the fraud. 

The jury found Washburn guilty of nine felony counts which included one count of organized scheme to defraud, a first-degree felony; two counts of money laundering of more than $100,000, both first-degree felonies; and six counts of fraudulent use of personal identification information, a third-degree felony.

Washburn’s wife and co-conspirator, Chyrstal Washburn, remains in custody at the Indian River County Jail. Chrystal Washburn’s charges are currently pending.

Assistant Statewide Prosecutors Jonathan Bridges and Stephanie Tew prosecuted this case.

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