MSNBC Host Attacks Senator Marco Rubio’s Faith

March 22, 2022 Updated 11:07 AM ET


by: Tyler Shaw

Yesterday on MSNBC while interviewing Representative Val Demings (D), the current Democrat frontrunner to challenge Senator Marco Rubio in 2022, MSNBC host Joy Reid attacked and mocked Marco Rubio’s Christian faith and equated Christians to white supremacists.

Like many respected GOP senators, Rubio is passionate about his Christian faith. Senator Rubio often goes out of his way to speak at religious conferences and has become known for tweeting Bible verses on a regular basis.

Live on MSNBC Joy Reid, who’s developed a reputation as someone who’s intolerant of Judeo-Christian values, wasted no time in attacking the senator for his faith.

During her interview, Joy Reid began spewing anti-Christian rhetoric, mocking Senator Rubio as a weirdo who, “tweets bible verses every day for random reasons…” 

In the same sentence, Joy compared all Christians to white supremacists saying, “…these people aren’t saying to themselves I don’t want to be associated with white supremacists.”

Representative Val Demings had nothing to say in defense of Senator Rubio’s Christian faith and instead responded to Joy’s hateful and anti-Christian rhetoric sarcastically saying, “Rubio can send out all the Bible verses that he wants to.”

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